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[Lab Tested] stack contains:

1x bottle OSTARINE – 60caps @ 15mg/cap

1x bottle GW501516 – 60caps @ 10mg/cap

1x bottle SR9009 – 60caps @ 10mg/cap

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*Distributed for research purposes only

*Not for human or animal consumption

Ostarine (MK 2866)
By its selective action, Ostarine has many benefits.

Effects of ostarine on the body of an athlete?

The substance helps build muscle strength and muscle density. The athlete has more lean mass. The ostarine offers the possibility of training even harder, longer, and over a longer period of time.

  1. Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  2. Facilitates the burning of fat* Develops lean mass
  3. Strengthens endurance
  4. Increase the strength
  5. Improves resistance as well as healing

GW-1516 (cardarine)
has many benefits.

  1. Development of muscle resistance
  2. Strengthening endurance
  3. Combustion of fats
  4. Best recovery
  5. Energy supply useful for muscle building

Sténabolic (SR9009) has benefits.

1-Helps burn fat
2-Improves cholesterol and blood sugar levels
3-Strengthens endurance

Sténabolic (SR9009) has more benefits.

1-Reduces inflammation
2-It can prevent atherosclerosis
3-It can be helpful during heart disease
4-Helps to overcome anxiety
5-Increases energy levels
6-Prevents fibrosis
7-Increased strength
8-Increased metabolism
9-Facilitates quality muscle building

Stenabolic was developed by Professor Thomas Burris. The drug was first used to experiment with mice. It took only a few days for mice to become leaner. Their ability in running was considerably increased and the growth of muscle was over 50%.

SR9009 simply replicates the effects of aerobic exercise. SR binds itself to Rev-Erba protein, which is controlling lipid and glucose metabolism, and make it more active. Stenabolics are also responsible for the creation of fat-storing cells and the macrophages reaction in the state of inflammation.


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