SARMs Guide

The Quick Guide below will help you understand how each SARM differentiates and which SARM, or stack of SARMs may be best for specific research purposes. 

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SARMResearch FieldsAnabolic: Androgenic ActivityAnimal TrialsHuman TrialsLegality 
RAD 140Muscle Growth, Endurance90:1Yes LegalShop Now
LGD 4033Muscle Growth, Fat Burning10:1YesYesLegalShop Now
GW 501516Endurance, Fat Burning, MoodNAYes LegalShop Now
MK 677Bone Density, Muscle Growth25:1Yes LegalShop Now
SR9009Endurance, Fat Burning, Muscle GrowthNAYes LegalShop Now
OstarineMuscle Growth, Bone Density18:1YesYesLegalShop Now
YK11Muscle Density, Recovery25:1Yes LegalShop Now
S4Fat Burning, Muscle GrowthNAYesYesLegalShop Now
S23Fat Burning, Muscle GrowthNAYesNoLegalShop Now